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A Typical Day in the Garden

Ever wonder just what happens when we're out in the garden? Here's the breakdown from our own Garden Coordinator, Zvi Bar-Chaim:

"Every lesson with kids starts in the circle where we go over the following in order.

First, we do a review of garden rules and expectations.

Second, we discuss the learning point of the day. For the kindergarten class, the learning objective was what a plant needs to grow and thrive to be healthy (sun, water, soil, air, and love).

Finally, we do an activity in the garden that ties in to the learning objective.

Kids do all the clean up themselves, including cleaning up all the tools and putting them back where they belong.

All lessons end back in the circle where we review what we did and what we learned."

And high-fives (or in this case: low fives) before heading back to class.

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