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Week 1: Gardening
This week we will be spending time on the School Farm learning about how to prep planting beds, planting, harvesting, soil amendments, irrigation, weed management and more! We'll also be harvesting plants we will then use to create a shared meal each day.
Week 2: Food Preservation
Week 2 will focus on preserving the bounty of summer! Students will learn how to prep food for preservation for freezing, dehydrating, and canning. We will explore the basics of water bath canning jams and pickles. Students will get to sample their work as well as cook lunch together.
Week 3: Animal Husbandry
This week we focus on the skill of animal husbandry where students will explore the basic needs of keeping livestock including food, water, and shelter. Learn how to utilize animal products including fiber arts and will get to see farm animals up close including a goat milking demonstration by Ocean Bluff Farm!
Week 4: Baking Basics
The Great Coupeville Bake-Off! Our campers will explore different leavening agents, bread basics, dessert making, and the science of pastry. Both savory and sweet baking will leave us full of knowledge - and food!
week 5: Cooking Basics
In our final week our campers will build on the kitchen basics we have established cooking meals together each day. From food safety to proper kitchen clean up students will learn sauce and stock making, the different options of sautéing, roasting, and frying and more. The last day of camp will be a full day of cooking and shared meal with family and friends to show off everything we've learned.

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