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Greenhouse Moving Day

From Wilbur Purdue:

Despite the smoke’s beat efforts our work party did some significant work today on dismantling more of the greenhouse and transporting parts to the future site. Jim, who was feeling under the weather, braved the morning and helped me get the uhaul truck up to the site. Zvi, Susan, Terry and I kept at the dismantling and Terry even invited us down to her nearby house for a great lunch (thank you to Neil Rixe for helping out!) Visits from bold chipmunks, noisy woodpeckers, deer, rabbits, bats, and many other woodland animals has made this an interesting experience. At the end of the day all plastic is off the structure. Almost all weed barrier ground cover is up. Wiggle wire and channels are removed. All table wood has been brought up to the site and unloaded. We have dismantling of the structure, organizing the materials for transport, and transport and unloading of materials. 

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