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Our Program

Our Proposal

The School Gardens Proposal  is an immense source of information about who we are, our community, as well as our short and long term goals.  It is beautifully formatted and a visual feast.  We invite and encourage you to read, review or just plain peruse this document - we reference it often ourselves.
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Zvi Bar-Chaim, Coupeville Farm to School's Garden Coordinator

My name is Zvi Bar-Chaim.  I grew up in La Canada, CA and come here via Chicago, IL.  My background is in science education and public service through AmeriCorps.  I have my undergraduate degree in Atmospheric Science (meteorology and climate), Masters in Teaching, and completed the Organic Farm School program on Whidbey Island.  I find passion in blending gardening, farming, and teaching.  My favorite vegetables that I can grow in the garden are potatoes, onions, and tomatoes.  All three can be made into such a wide variety of delicious and healthy foods.  There are almost no fruit and vegetables that I am not fond of.  When I'm not at work or in the garden, I like to go hiking, cook a wide variety at food, read and play video games.  


Kylie Neal, Coupeville School Farmer


I'm Kylie Neal, or as the kids call me, Farmer Kylie.  I grew up in Kansas.  As I studied Sociology at the University of Kansas I learned about our food system and its shortcomings.  Through that experience I decided that I wanted to learn to grow food.  I started farming in Kansas in 2006 then moved to the west coast and have been farming ever since.  I am currently working towards my teaching certificate.  I hope to gain better tools for helping kids to get excited about trying new, healthy foods and help them to learn about growing food themselves as well.  Before taking the school farm manager position in Coupeville I worked and learned about school farming from Cary Peterson at the South Whidbey School District.  


Hannah Andersen, Coupeville Farm to School's AmeriCorps Food Educator


Hello Coupeville folks! My name is Hannah Andersen, she/her, and I'm excited to serve as your Farm to School Educator during the 2021 and 2022 school year! I've worked in educational spaces for a little over five years now. I am passionate about community care, equitable educational spaces for all and making creative learning strategies available to parents and students alike. You can find me in the garden working with Mr. Zvi during school and on a hiking trail with my puppy, Jooniper, after school! I love reading, writing, making art and spending time with YOU. I'm excited to learn and grow with you all as we see what adventures grow in the garden this year."

Our Goals
  • Increase integration of garden use for math, science, art, and language arts classes.

  • Expand garden program to include a production site for educational use and revenue-generation.

  • Establish revenue-generating activities like a school-based farmers market that sells to teachers and parents, and/or sales to Chartwells for use in the cafeteria.


Grace Mackie, Coupeville Farm to School's AmeriCorps School Farmer


"Grace was born and raised in Seattle, WA. She graduated from UC Davis in June 2020 with a degree in International Agricultural Development. In her free time, Grace loves to cook, read, spend time with her friends, and talk about farming! Her favorite vegetable is broccoli! "

Working With the Connected Food Program


Coupeville School District manages its own food service program to provide daily meals for students. All meals are cooked from scratch and the district works hard to source ingredients locally. Coupeville Farm to School and the Connected Food program are two distinct groups who share the goals of food education and encouraging our students to eat healthy foods. Though we are separate groups, the Farm to School Board and Employees work closely with the food service members and Superintendent King to help provide healthy foods from our Farm to School gardens. As both programs grow we are excited to give students the opportunity to continue to grow their own food and see their hard work reflected in the District dining services. 



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