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  • The purpose of the Coupeville School Gardens is to support learning, inspire creativity, and promote the health of our students.

  • Through our programs, from the time they are in kindergarten, students are learning about the uniqueness of their community and are given the education to participate and contribute to its preservation and development.


The Program Manager is a full time position with benefits, employed by the 501(c)3 nonprofit corporation Coupeville Farm to School, that combines management with hands-on garden education. This position supports Coupeville School District (932 students) teachers, students, and food service staff in utilizing school gardens for education and nutrition. Click the box for full details.

The Coupeville Farm to School Program is quickly become known as a program that gets things done! We have an amazing, supportive (growing!) group of volunteers for our many activities be it: garden work parties, classroom help, fundraising, committee work. There are a wide variety of opportunities to help be a part of this great program!

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