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Coupeville Farm to School continues to serve the community and the school district through the Covid-19 pandemic.  As an organization, we have approved the following Covid-safe gardening practices for students, families, volunteers, and staff members with approval from the district and verification from the district nurse.

COVID Gardening Practices

The following are Covid safe garden practices for families, volunteers, and students to safely participate in the school gadens.

Entry To The Garden

Before entering the garden, all participants must:

  • Sanitize their hands with approved hand sanitizer.  Coupeville Farm to School (CF2S) will provide an approved hand sanitizer for use.

  • Have an appropriate face covering that covers from around the chin to above the nose.  Should participants not have a face mask, CF2S will provide a washable face mask to the participant that they will return after their time in the garden.

  • Take a forehead temperature check and a self-assessment of Covid related symptoms.  

    • "Am I experiencing any of the following symptoms as noted by the CDC":​

      • Fever or chills​

      • Cough

      • Shortness of breath or difficulty breathing

      • Fatigue

      • Muscles or body aches

      • Headache

      • New loss of taste or smell

      • Sore throat

      • Congestion or runny nose

      • Nausea or vomiting

      • Diarrhea

    • If participant is unable to answer NO to all of these symptoms, they are to be refused entry to the garden.

    • If participant is a student during the school day, they do not need to do the temperature check or symptom self-assessment.  All students already must complete these precautions before entering the building for their school day.

  • Log their entry into the garden with their full name, telephone number, time of entry, and time of exit.  CF2S will provide a clean pen and used pen jar and sanitize used pens after each use.​

  • Log that they have read and understand the new garden practices regarding Covid.

Time Spent In The Garden

While participating or volunteering in garden based activities, the following measures must be followed.

  • Groups will be limited to one CF2S staff member per five participants (students, parents, volunteers).  CF2S staff member can include the school garden coordinator, AmeriCorps food educator, or board member.  Participant groups will be limited to ten or less based on whether proper social distancing can be maintained.

  • Social distancing of at least six feed must be observed by all participants in the garden.  The following are exemptions to the six feet social distancing:

    • If participants are in the garden with another member of their immediate family unit.​

    • If participants are a part of their "personal bubble".  This includes a person who they live with or somebody that they have spent time with in close proximity during the Covid pandemic.

  • Masks must remain on participants faces, covering from below the chin to above the nose, at all time.  Masks may only be temporarily removed when food or produce is being eaten.

  • Gloves must be worn by participants at all times in the garden.  Washable garden gloves will be provided by CF2S if participants are unable to provide for themselves.

  • While masks are off during times of eating produce, it is recommended that participants expand their social distance space to eight feet.

  • All tools must be sanitized after each use by an approved bleach solution before being returned to the garden shed for storage.

  • All washable masks and gloves provided by CF2S for participants must be returned to a bag for washing before being used again by other participants.  All washable masks and gloves provided by CF2S are intended for single use only.

  • If participants need to leave the garden to use the bathoom, they must sanitize their hands before reentering the garden.  CF2S will provide hand sanitizer.

  • CF2S will provide a portable hand washing station in the garden for use by participants and staff.

Produce and Food

  • Produce will only be harvested by staff or participants with masks covering faces and gloves.

  • Harvest totes will be sanitized with a bleach solution before and after each use.

  • Produce can be eaten in the garden after being harvested and recommended social distancing should be 8 feet when masks are removed for eating.

Staff and AmeriCorps

  • All CF2S staff, AmeriCorps food educators, and board members will follow the same rules outlined above for participants. 

  • CF2S will post these protocols at the garden and on their website.

  • Coupeville School District administration will have a copy of these protocols.

  • Coupeville Elementary School staff will consult with CF2S staff before entering the garden.

  • Participants may not enter the garden without a CF2S staff member.

  • Signage on the gate and in the garden will forbid entering without supervision.

  • If CF2S staff begin experiencing one or more symptoms while at their work location, they are to contact their supervisor immediately by phone, text, or email.  They are to leave work while maintaining six feet of distance between them and others.  Contact their health care provider for medical guidance.

If a participant shows symptoms while volunteering

  • Leave the garden immediately.

  • Contact your health care provider.

  • Contact a staff member at CF2S and tell them they're not feeling well and had to leave.

  • Let CF2S know what they discussed with their health care provider and if they're getting tested.

  • CF2S will contact other volunteers who were in contact with said individual to inform them.

  • CF2S will contact a staff member of the Coupeville School District to inform them of a volunteer experiencing symptoms at the school.

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