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Classrooms & Gardens

Coupeville School District’s indoor classrooms and garden classrooms are dynamic! Our Garden Coordinator, Zvi, is busy keeping both areas of our School Garden Program engaged, excited and growing! Check in with this page to read the latest news.
Harvest of the Month: Broccoli!

Spring is here and the Harvest of the Month is Broccoli!  Broccoli grows so well on Whidbey Island and Farmer Kylie grows amazing broccoli on the school farm.  Kids get to enjoy it on the salad bar at lunch.  They get to munch on broccoli and broccoli raab on the farm eating garden nibbles.  Yum!

Harvest of the Month: Carrots!

Fall is in full swing and November Harvest of the Month is carrots! Students got to eat local carrots from the school garden as well as area farms.  They were asked to compare carrots from the garden, from farms, and from the store and describe their experience.  Kids had a lot of fun in the cafeteria with the activity!

Cooking Class with Coupeville Veggies

Mr. Z and Farmer Hannah have been helping our students learn all about produce that is grown right here on Whidbey Island. They've used produce donated from local farms to make delicious recipes from cultures around the world. Stay tuned to hear about what produce and fun recipes they come up with next!

Kindergarten Carrot Harvest

The Kindergarten classes have gotten their first tastes of the garden recently.  Included in the taste fest was carrots and last week - kale!  We're loving the enthusiasm and energy that is unmatched by this age group!  Prior to venturing out into the garden, Mr Z. reviewed the rules of the garden during indoor class time:  be kind, be safe, and listen. 

New Planter Boxes at the Middle/High School

While it might seem like we only have a garden at the elementary - that's not true!  We have garden space at the Middle/High school campus too.  That's where our Winter Work Party took place and did they ever get work done!  Visit our facebook page to see more pictures (link at top of this page).

Kindergarten Snap Pea Planting

The students had already learned about how to prepare a vegetable bed so that it is ready for the seeds to be planted.  They planted the seeds today and learned the importance of having them in neat rows.  Once planting was done, the kids watered the plants and made sure they had what they needed.

Planting the sugar snap peas now and giving them the proper care should allow the kids to have peas ready to eat before school gets out in the summer.  Many of the kindergarten students expressed excitement at eating fresh vegetables from the garden!

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